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Wendi is passionate about helping coaches to grow their businesses coming from a place of honesty, integrity and compassion while creating a Global Ripple Effect as lives are transformed throughout the world

Wendi Hatton

Wendi’s area of expertise is teaching coaches the skills and actionable steps needed to consistently attract high-end clients who want real results for their top-of-mind problems. With Wendi’s help you can achieve this by clarifying your vision, creating a workable game plan, forming habits to support your goals, shifting to a compassionate mindset around selling and creating more time for yourself.

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I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Wendi!  Before working with her, I was very confused about how to present my services to my ideal client. I had a vision of what I wanted to do, but I needed more clarity.

After working with Wendi, I got clear on the exact services I would provide, the positive impact my services would have on clients, and the perfect words to attract my clients.

Wendi was very attentive, supportive, and encouraging throughout the entire process. She provided me with a lot of great ideas, insights, and resources as well. I feel so much more confident about what I have to offer thanks to Wendi!

Nika Love, Empowerment Coach | Career Consultant | Inspirational Writer

Wendi Hatton is a Business Coach extraordinaire. Wendi will get you on track with identifying specific goals, organizing a doable schedule and engaging in result getting actions as she provides a level of encouragement and accountability that is unmatched.

Wendi allows you to not only reach all your goals often earlier than planned but also to experience a momentum in success and enjoyment that will only continue to increase the more time you spend with her.

If you have a chance to work with this humble powerhouse lady, there is only one thing to do that makes sense: take it!!

Shermin Davis, Psychotherapist in Private Practice

Wendi Hatton is a great coach who will assist you in the direction of attracting clients that are willing to pay your worth. She can upscale your business so that you can attract high end paying clients.

The homework she gives you is really to help you pinpoint areas of work that help to attract those clients who are willing to invest in themselves. Hire Wendi Hatton and finally get paid from high-end clients today. The investment is more than worth it.

Celeste London – Natural Medicine Doctor

Celeste London, Diabetes 2 Nutrition

Before working with Wendi, I tried to appeal to everyone and wanted to be everyone’s health coach. Since working with Wendi, I have more clarity and developed a clearly defined niche. I feel more confident as a health coach. I’ve improved my LinkedIn profile and Facebook pages to connect with more potential clients. I have also increased my newsletter contact list, and have a new client!

Thank you, Wendi, for sharing your incredible knowledge and inspiring me to think outside the box and push myself outside my comfort zone

Emma Waterson, Root Tips 2 Wing Tips

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